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Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Mob of The Dead Easter Egg

Before even attempting the Easter Egg you must complete the mission (Build the Plane) & the use the electric chairs to come back to the prision. Also, to Kill Brutus, shoot at his Head.

To get the Tomahawks/Hells Retriever kill zombies infront of the Dogs on the Wall, which will feed them until they disappear, once all three have been fed the Tomahawk/Hells Retriever will appear in a seceret hole in the wall by “Double Tap”

Now For The Easter EGG!

Activate 5 Skulls
Note: All of the Skulls are in places of the Map you can’t physically go to, so if you can’t find them from my decription, go into “After-Life” look for a glowing circular ball and shock it so all the players can see it.
1. Skull 1: Tomahawk the Skull in Jail Cell at Orignal Spawn
2. Skull 2: Tomahawk Light Post Outside of Warden’s Office Window where Speed Cola is
3. Skull 3: Tomahawk Skull on the Docks, if coming down the dock ramp make a left, then another left, then it will be on the opposite side of the water on the other dock.
4. Skull 4: Tomahawk Skull by Juggernaut, if looking at Juggernaut turn around and look above the cave you will see a lamp post throw your Tomahawk at the middle lamp post.
5. Skull 5: Tomahawk Skull on the Roof, when you go on top of the roof, it will be in the far back left hand corner, on the roof across from you.

Get The 3 Spoons
6. Tomahawk Poster in Jail Cell outside of the Warden’s office, on the right hand side.
7. Spoon 1: Go into After Life outside of the Warden’s office (where Speed Cola is) and you will see a hallway that is directly unlocked, go in there and shock that spoon.
8. Spoon 2: Next to Claymores look to the right, there is a big boarded off opening (you can’t miss it), when looking through that opening to the left there is a table with a spoon on it, throw your your tomahawk at it.
9. Spoon 3: Upstairs in Bathtub by Mystery Box
10. Before You Pick Up Blundergas: Make Sure Everyone in your party is Silent because I’m not sure if the prisoner numbers change or not, I dont think they do, but just incase. Pick Up Weapon from Warden’s Office (Listen for Prisoner Number)

11. Set The Lift Numbers to the 4 Prisoner Numbers:
• 101 if done correctly goes to 011
• 872 if done correctly goes to 728
• 386 if done correctly goes to 863
• 481 if done correctly goes to 814
*Once All 4 Have Been Entered Correctly a Cut-Scene will play

12. Collect The Headphones
Headphone 1: In Doorway as you go back upstairs from elevator
Headphone 2 Location: Make a left at Hell’s Retriever
Headphone 3 Location: In the hallway by the Cell Block door you pay to unlock between Warden Key Spawn Locations
Headphone 4 Location: Up the Cafeteria Stairs
Headphone 5 Location: In the Doorway to the Rooftop

Getting on The Plane
13. Once on the Roof Add Your Part to the Plane
Important: Take Your Time on this Final Part!
14. Players have been reporting of a “Glitch” for this last part: All 4 Members Enter After-Life then once everyone is directly behind the plane click “X” to Go on to Plane.
15. You will fly over to Bridge in “After-Life” Mode, Revive your player. Note: If there are any Zombies or Brutus kill them, you should then see the achievement worth 25g.


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Call of Duty Black Ops 2: People We Don’t Like

If you do any of the following things, please stop the entire Call of Duty community hates you.

DDOS Attack or as it is commonly referred to, being lagged out of a match. Recently this has become more prevelant in the Black Ops 2 League Play community. It has been showing up more then ever so bad kids can make Masters Division. Which I don’t understand because it’s like “Yes! I made Masters Divison now I can get raped by people whose Masters Division Rank is legit.”

People who leave in a League Play match. I can’t stand it when people leave in a Hardpoint game because the team is down by 40seconds after the first two hardpoints. If you control the next Hardpoint the score is all tied up! The best is the people who leave just because they are playing a team. Honestly my team could be the school of the blind but because people see a team they would leave at the start of the game. Stop Playing League Play if your going to back out the second you see Masters Rank on the other team or that your playing another team!

The kids with “MLG” as their Clan Tag. First thing I say to them, “Yo bro how was Dallas” or “Tough loss in Hollywood dude” Take MLG out of your Clan Tag, you’re not pro. If Clayster, Parasite & Scumpii don’t have MLG as their Clan Tag, then you shouldn’t either.

The YouTubers with 100+ Kill videos. I rarely play public matches, it wasn’t until a week ago I played a public match with a friend who wanted to warm-up. I decided to just mess around and quick scope. I am an average quick scoper at best, and I was dropping 30 Kills easy the public is that bad at this game. So please, just stop it with the 100+ kills, nobody wants to watch it for 10000x time.

I felt like ranting about various people that I can’t stand. I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of at this moment.


Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Hardpoint League Play Strategy

When playing Hardpoint in League Play every single second counts, just yesterday I won a game by 3 seconds and lost a game by about 1 second. Does it help if your playing with a Full Team? Of course it does, but if you can apply these tips than you can help carry your team of ‘randoms’ to victory or make your Team ‘THAT’ much better.

Famous quote referring to poker, “Know when to Hold’em, Know when to Fold’em” in Hardpoint this also applies. You have to know when to start making your way to the next Hardpoint. There are a few different scenarios for this.Once there is only 30 seconds remaining in the Hardpoint the next two people who die should give up on the current hill and go to the next hill. If the opposing team has the Hardpoint locked down and you absolutely can not break it, DO NOT keep rushing in there. You are just feeding the opposing team kill streaks and losing momentum. Instead start setting up for the next one, and have one person who has an Assault Rifle challenge them so that they can not all push the next hill (Challenge but DO NOT PUSH) if your AR pushes them then they might SPAWN out and closer to the next Hardpoint.

If you do not have an ‘Anchor’ then your chances of winning a League Play Hardpoint match are slim to none and slim just raged quit on you. An ‘Anchor’ is someone who makes sure your team gets the closest spawn to the Hardpoint. One of the best Anchors in the game is Fariko Parasite, if you aren’t sure how to anchor I highly suggest you watch him do it. Kill Streaks are play a key role on Hardpoint. When you have a Kill Streak know which Hardpoint to use it for and which not to. The proper use or misuse of a Kill Streak can decide the outcome of a game. You do not want to waste a Kill Streak, they should be used to accomplish two things, 1. Kill your opponents but more importantly it will help you accomplish the 2nd thing which is Capturing the Hardpoint. You have to know which Hardpoints are “easier” to hold down, this way you know when to make that push for the next Hardpoint a little earlier then normal.

Knowing which Hardpoints are tough break comes with experience, but here are a few for each League Play Hardpoint map that come to mind.

Raid – 2nd & 3rd Hardpoint. The 2nd Hardpoint is very easy to hold, a little easier then the the 3rd, but the 3rd Hardpoint is more important because it is where your team can make a 100+ point gain if you can hold that Anchor. You need to get your anchor on the Fountain this way your team gets the Laundry Spawn for the 3rd and 4th Hardpoint. Raid – 3rd & 4th Hardpoint. At 30 seconds send everybody to Garage and the cutoffs, breaking that Garage Hardpoint is very tough. With the 4th Hardpoint at the Basketball Courts, send 2 people with there 30 seconds left. Watching the middle double stairs, and Money Room. With 20 seconds send the 3rd person on your team, and with 10 seconds send the 4th person on your team. *Note the objective of your 4th person with 20 seconds left is just to stay alive in the Hardpoint for as long as possible and keep it contested. Those 2 Hardpoints can turn the game around in a blink of an eye and the opposing team can watch helplessly as any second they led evaporates.

Express – 3rd Hardpoint. The 3rd Hardpoint in Control Room can be easily held down. The main problem I see with this Hardpoint however is the entire team gets bunched up in the Hardpoint. Having two people on your team who run trophy systems is important for any Hardpoint, but especially this one.

Standoff – 2nd Hardpoint. The 2nd Hardpoint in Warehouse can be dam near impossible to break if set-up right and believe me I ran into a team last night who set-up right. One person behind tires watching Gas, One person at red car watching bottom wood, and One person in Hay Bales by Barn watching broken wall & bottom market. Now you can make the argument that maybe the 3rd Hardpoint in Grandma’s House and 4th Hardpoint in Market can be easily held as well. So for Standoff never give up, you can overcome a deficit as long as you know when to rotate.

Yemen – 2nd & 4th Hardpoint. The 2nd Hardpoint in Treehouse can be so easy hold, I’ve held it for the full-time in a 3v4. So I highly suggest making sure you have 2 people set-up in there with 40 seconds left in the 1st Hardpoint. This way your Team will spawn will good and can still contest, and you will be able to ensure that you don’t get snuck up on because that is the only way they will get you from not being able to anchor it. The 4th Hardpoint is very similar to holding down the 3rd Hardpoint on Express. Now word of advice, with 20-30 seconds left in this Hardpoint, if you die but you still have a teammate in it that is being challenged make your way over to the 2nd Hardpoint Archway. You can watch his window jump-up and still be close enough to the 5th Hardpoint to run up there when there are 15 seconds left to start setting up.

Hijacked – 3rd Hardpoint. Downstairs in the Boiler Room is the easiest Hardpoint to hold down in the game. To hold down this Hardpoint it is pretty self-explanatory yet I see people make the same mistake time & time again and it makes me want to kick them in the teeth. YOU DON’T NEED TO USE A SENTRY GUN, we’re not going up against a horde of Zombies it’s a 4v4! I can’t tell you how many times so random loses us the Hardpoint because he dies trying to set up a Sentry Gun SMH.

Hardpoint Anchor Class Set-Up

Weapon: Assault Rifle Stock Attachment + Attachment 2

Perk 1: Lightweight

Perk 2: Toughness

Perk 3: Awareness*

Tactical: Trophy System x2

Secondary: Dual Kap 40s or B23Rs

*I like using awareness because a lot of times I am alone at the next Hardpoint and I can sound whore to hear if their Anchor is coming up on me.

These are just my observations and opinions. A little background on me, I am currently Ranked 25th in Solo Masters Division. I use my own personal experience along with watching hours of film of Pro Teams some which I think have great strategy, others not so much. I also ask for input (not on all articles & not limited to these members) from members of the clan I am in @LethalEnergy like @Zerox_LE who finished last season ranked #1 in Solo Masters Division and @CheddarMFBob who is the captain of Lethal-Energy’s UK team who finished the season ranked 4th in Master’s Team Ladder.

If you disagree with any of my strategies, Tweet Me or Leave it in the Comments 🙂


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Search & Destroy Class & Tips

Everyday as I’m playing League Play I notice a major difference between the loadouts I see some of the Best MLG Pros use and loadouts used by those in League Play. Let’s Face it, the 10 point system is really a 4 point system for most of us, because we use the same 6 Points for every class.

Attachment 1 & Attachment 2
Perk 1 = Flak Jacket
Perk 2
Perk 3 = Dead Silence
Total = 6 Points Used ~ 4 Points Remaining

Perk 1 & Perk 3 mentioned above are the only 2 things that are a MUST for S&D and should Never be changed regardless of the Map

How you allocate those 4 remaining points depends on the Map and are you on Offense or Defense. The impact of the correct use of those last 4 points to best suit your class is what can put you from Silver to Platinum or even Gold to Masters Division. We are reluctant to change but I promise make some of these changes and you will notice a major improvement in your game. The following are common mistakes I have noticed in playing Search & Destroy League Play if you want my map by map recommendations let me know.

1. Take Out Fast MAGS, Put Extended Mags (SMGS)

Reasoning: Extended Mags Adds on Average 8-10 Rounds to each magazine. If you killed someone with your original magazine, then when extended mags comes into play you still have enough to kill one more person, where as with Fast Mags you would be reloading. There are 4 People and No Respawns, how many times do you plan on reloading in a round?

2. Add Cold Blooded to a Class.

Reasoning: You will run into a person or even an entire team using MMS and you will thank me. On top of that, with Optic Gaming Trend setting, more and more people are using Dual Band in combination with a Smoke Grenade, Cold Blooded also Counters that. Finally, with the recent patch, those who use Cold Blooded will not show up on Target Finder. Before if a person is using Target Finder their crosshairs would turn red just without the box around the enemy, this does not happen anymore. **My philosophy with Coldblooded is not to use it, but have it available, so if I get killed by one of the previous mentioned ways, then next time I’m going to get you. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

3. Don’t Use an Optical*

Reasoning: Most of the time people who use an optical also need Primary GunFighter. To put it in perspective, instead of a Red Dot, EoTech, or ACOG which are costing you 2 Points now with the addition of Primary Gunfighter, you could instead have a Sniper as your secondary if it’s an SMG Class or Dual Wield Kap 40s if its an AR Class. I have an (*) next to it because some of you need an optical to aim, if that is the case then fine, but try it without an optical first, because despite what the stat bar says none of them have an added (noticeable) benefit (ACOG +1% in accuracy).

4. Evaluate your use of Primary Gunfighter

• Reasoning: With the number of In-Depths I have done on the attachments along with all the Videos I have seen from credible sources like @Drift0r it’s hard to believe that “THAT” 3rd attachment is worth 2 points. Based on the simple economic principles of Marginalism, that attachment better be Pack-A-Punching my gun if I’m using 20% of my total points for it. Also, if this additional attachment is “THAT” good of an attachment then what are the other TWO attachments and what are they doing that are more important? Those 2 Points can be used for something that will have a greater impact on the game, either the addition of a Perk such as Awareness for when you’re Defending or Dexterity when your on offense.

Final Thoughts:
Take notice of your team and the other team’s strategy and have audibles and be able to adapt. The teams that do this are the teams that are able to come back from being down 3-0. There are so many teams with just one strategy for each map and do the same exact thing every time, so instead of complaining and bitching when you die, take notice of where/how you & your teammates died and be ready to counter it next time. Also, create a rushing class! If it’s 4-4 or 3-3 and you haven’t been won a round on whatever side your on, then now would be a great time to implement it. Fast hands can be extremely useful for your rushing class and make sure each person on your team has Flash, Stun, and Emp this will cause absolute chaos. Now your 4th person should be going the usual route and throwing a sensor & regular grenade within the first few seconds to make them think you’re doing the same strategy. Finally, be patient! If the bomb is planted MAKE THEM DEFUSE if you’re the last alive! Don’t Challenge them! Once your dead the bomb is defused no matter what. So if there is 2 people left, wait it out (Don’t forget about your grenades if you have any Lethal or Tactical) and charge with about 12-13 Seconds left with your objective being killing the person defusing the bomb so if/when you die it will leave them not enough time to defuse the bomb.

Did You Know: Fast Hands Allows you to Throw Back Cooked Grenades by Automatically Resetting the Grenade Timer by 2.5 Seconds? Stat courtesy of @Drift0r

Black Ops 2: League Play Season 4

What Can We Expect From League Play Season 4?

As Season 3 of League Play comes to a close, there is no time better than the present to express our displeasure with the flaws in the system. The frustrations of League Play can vary, from developer created problems to self-inflicted woes, the flaws in League Play are minor in game-play experience, but crucial to the League Play experience. Here are my suggested new rules/changes.

Like myself, many of you have 800 different combinations of a team of 6… none of which are EVER online at the same time. The result = a League Play Team List cluttered and longer then my…. attention span (get your mind out of the gutter). Changes: 1. Any team that wasn’t placed from a previous season = deleted. 2. Allow the creator of the Team to delete the team.

Everyone has bitched about the KAP 40 and how the gun should be banned. Let us be realistic though, Treyarch won’t even ban Assault (Riot) Shields, you think they are going to completely ban a gun? I was amazed the first day I saw the Dual Wield (Akimbo) attachment allowed in the MLG League Play format. Changes: Ban the Dual Wield (Akimbo) Attachment from ALL secondary pistols.

The Millimeter Scanner (MMS) has received a lot of critique over the past two weeks since the Optic team got beat on League Play by a far less skilled team using them. Did this team just out smart Optic and use a better strategy or is the MMS scanner just that over-powered? In the game in question, not one person on Optic was running Cold Blooded, if they had been then the other team’s strategy wouldn’t have worked. The fact that everyone on Optic was running Toughness (Like 99.9% of the community does) the other team was able to exploit the MMS. The MMS needs to be taken out of League Play. For those who don’t know, the MMS has a wall penetration range of 25m, can see through walls/floors (Not Ceilings), but most importantly it ruins objective based game types which is all League Play is. Yes, it does have a semi-effective counter in the Cold-Blooded Perk, but so does UAV with the Ghost Perk. Changes: Ban MMS attachment for all weapons.

When the MLG League Play Rules were being formed I thought for sure this attachment would be banned, but then again I was wrong about the Dual Wield attachment. Would “Target Finder” being allowed in MLG League Play be considered an oxymoron or a form irony? MLG is all about skill, a player’s instinct, team communication to find the opposing team, yet one quick peek over one of the cut-outs over-looking the bomb sites in Raid and… TARGET FINDER FINDS YOU 🙂 The attachment literally does your surveying for you. Think your behind cover? Well you better make sure that there isn’t a camera glitch or else TARGET FINDER FINDS YOU 🙂 Changes: Ban Target Finder attachment from all weapons.

Okay, so there is CoD XP for the Top 8 in Master’s division but what about the rest of us? Treyarch has made it 100% clear they could give a shit about Elite & Clan Ops. There are rosters still frozen, 90% of the Championship Badges were from glitched scores, so why not just do away with them? Treyarch could then use those resources to create a playoff system for League Play. The prize doesn’t have to be a million dollars or anything close to it, maybe a gaming set-up or something along those lines. When a team got eliminated, then there is still Solo League Play and/or the person could be on multiple teams (or limit each person to just 1 team).

League play can only keep us busy for so long until to the number of participants starts to rapidly decline. Treyarch needs to make changes to the rules that are obvious to the entire community recognizes. Failing to do make these changes, combined with the lack of a realistic incentive to the majority of the community to play League Play and League Play will look like MySpace by Season 5.

Black Ops 2: Online Seeding Tournament

What Can be learned from the MLG Dallas Online Seeding Tournament?

The Black Ops 2 MLG Dallas Online Seeding Tournament has been an adrenaline rush every second of each match. As word got out that out the match between two top pro teams FEAR vs. Fairko was heading into the 11th and final round of Search and Destroy with a Championship Bracket seeding at Dallas on the line, both anxiety from players and fans alike and viewership soared. Remember this is just a seeding tournament; when the stakes are for a spot at CoD XP and a chance to win a million dollars, then moments like Unite’s Clayster kill on Thrust’s Bobby with 10 seconds left to stop Thrust from a returning/capturing their flag can be life changing.

Live streaming via Twitch.TV on MLGCOD and around the clock coverage by eSports have made the players more accessible. As fans we get invested in “our” team and the characters on each, the more exposure the fans have to the players the greater the chances are that each fan discovers a player on a team they can relate to. Although there have been some bumps in the road due to the online qualifier, like the DDoS attack on coL’s Teepee and the “host advantage” but these can all be improved. Even though there have been some setbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons so expect to see more online qualifiers.

As far as professional players and members of the community complaining about rules, and league play, here are a few things to consider.

  • Rules: Everyone knew the rules before the tournament started in fact some of the professional players who are now complaining about the rules helped make them. The fact that Dual Wield attachment was allowed is baffling it makes the gun a non-skill weapon, it’d be like if Modern Warfare 3 allowed dual FMG9s in competitive play. Same idea with shotguns, imagine if the Striker was allowed in competitive play? These weapons have no place in competitive play yet nobody seemed to care when having the discussion about the rules. Unless the rules do get changed or a patch comes out then you must make adjustments, because that is what it takes to stay on top. Complaining about these rules not only makes you look like a sore loser, but it’s also unprofessional when not done in the correct forum and manner.
  • League Play: Treyarch implemented League Play and for all intents and purposes it has worked fine, but it could use some adjustments as far as the point system is based. However, attacking David Vonderhaar through Twitter and other social media outlets is not going to get anything done. Everyone wants the same to improve the system so that it is fair and cannot be exploited, at the same time with such a large community these opinions on how to go about this can be misconstrued. The fix is very simple and both the community and Treyarch would benefit. Form a committee of captains. The committee could meet once a month and consist of various people from different aspects of Call of Duty community. The committee would consist of no more than fifteen people, each representing a different pro team or elite clan. The committee could come to a consensus of a few (no more than five) improvements to the game, then present those to David Vonderhaar and the team at Treyarch. By doing this, it would create a proper channel for the community to give feedback, but also if something like the League play point system is changed or a rule is changed then Treyarch or MLG isn’t accused of favoring a certain team.

The system isn’t broken, it just needs a few minor adjustments, just give it time and the Call of Duty community will prevail. Until then, be happy it is on the Pro MLG Circuit and who knows maybe try a neutral host like @MLGPuckett